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first of all, this company called and talked with my sister for starters about an old account at a bank due to them putting in two checks that they bounced over and over again. then they took the whole amount without notice now causing my rent check to bounce after a good deposit was made they still say we owe 85 dollars and some change.

I called back to see what could be done so the rent check would not bounce and a man answered asking me questions, so i got questioning at him, asked him why the number did not have a caller id of a company just number and los angeles. then asked for supervisor and she was of no help at all either.she said that they did not take the money so I am asking the bank tommorrow am about it, when the bank had told me that it was good.

Monetary Loss: $249.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #805395

I do not understand your post.They who bounced two check's?And why would these people take money from your account for someone elses bad check's if you were not the person who bounced the check's?You lost me with this post.WTF

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